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Motorbike Ride to Cape Town.

Risky gamble, isn’t it ?

Yet, this is the project I’ll start  the next fall.

As I am passionate about the African continent, I decided through this project to promote the countries I will visit, and to overcome prejudices that too many people might have about Africa.

So I will start my journey from Amiens (in France), until I reach South Africa, a country I love so much.

The departure is scheduled for next October, and I will ride along the African West Coast, taking photos and videos of the places and the people I’ll meet along the way.

As I am a huge fan of Antoine de Maximy and of his TV emission called “J’irai dormir chez vous” (« I’ll come sleep in your house »), I expect to meet as many local people as I can and interview them in order to spread a positive image about these countries.

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