A brief introduction of myself…

Truth is, I did not take the time to introduce myself.

Firstly, my name is Erwan. Despite the sound of it, I’m not Breton… But yet I share many values of this people of travelers.

I was born in Paris region, and fulfilled nurse studies in Amiens.

I currently live in Sénégal where I work for Club Med, still as a nurse. I enjoy this opportunity to support the local dispensaries while I’m there.

I often ramble around with a motorbike I bought here. In a further article I will expose the place I could visit troughout my rides in this part of Sénégal and in Guinée-Bissau wich is a bordering country.

It will soon been 5 years I don’t live in continental France. I worked in Morocco (Agadir) and 3 years in Mayotte (which is a French oversea region). I had the opportunity to visit the Comoros, South Africa and Madagascar during this time.

My passion for Africa always fosters me to discover more, and nothing worth motorcycle to get this complete feeling of freedom while riding on these fenceless lands…

My Senegalese motorbike in the bush...
My Senegalese motorbike in the bush…

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