Senegal and the Casamance area

It’s been 5 months now that I live and work in the Casamance area.
This vast region of Senegal is located in the south of Dakar.

One peculiar thing it’s that Casamance shares its northern borders with Gambia and its southern ones with Guinea-Bissau. Two countries wich are neighbours and fellows but do not share the same official langage.

Gambian speak english and wolof whereas Guineans of Bissau speak portuguese creole. In Casamance, inhabitants mainly speak french and diola.

In all this jumble, legacy of colonization and rule-lined borders, every colonial empire wanted its share and the Casamance area thus finds itself isolated and far from Dakar (you have to spend between 12 and 14 hours coach driving plus 7 hours of boat to do the Ziguinchor / Dakar journey).

Les rizières de Casamance, principale ressource de la région.

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